Tanemura Sensei

Tanemura demonstrating a technique with a sword

In the small area of Saitama prefecture in Japan there lives a man who is considered to be a living legend in the martial arts world. His name is Shoto Tanemura and he is the inheritor and protector of many martial art scrolls. These scrolls contain not only information on techniques of martial arts; but also on religion, medicine, philosophy, strategy etc.

As the keeper and teacher of this one time secret information he founded the Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation as the mystical warrior school, in order to get away from the fighting side of martial arts and to get to the more spirtual side of Ninpo.

Tanemura Sensei's martial arts training began with his father when he was just 9 years old and today he is a master of over 15 schools of Ninpo, Jujutsu and Chinese martial arts.

At university he studied law and initially pursuded a career in law, however it was purely academic in nature and so there was little use for his martial art skills. And so at the age of 22 he joined the Tokyo metropolitan police, where he was a member or the Kidotai (riot and anti-terrorist force) and later became a police self-defence instructor.

Somehow, though, he felt that it was his mission to introduce true Martial arts to the world and so after fifteen years of service he resigned to carry out this mission. Soon after leaving the police department he founded the Genbukan and has since then dedicated his time to teaching traditional martial arts both in Japan and abroad. In addition to his teaching he has advised the FBI, the New York police department and other organisations on defence matters.

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